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For prospective clients, we thank you for linking to this page to gain a better understanding of how we may be able to help you.  For 2016, the business climate will unquestionably be very competitive.  It is for this reason that it is critical now for your staff to be composed of the top performers possible.  It is obvious now more than ever that hiring or maintaining a marginal team will not lead to success.

When PPI was started in the early nineties, we concentrated on managers and engineers in manufacturing. As time went on we moved toward a focus on Senior and C-Level Executives.  In 2009 though we started a division devoted to Healthcare and Information Technology.  This division quickly became our most active one.  PPI is at its core a permanent placement firm offering both contingency and retainer searches.  The Healthcare and IT division though saw the need for Contract Staffing of professionals for shorter duration.  We complied and currently have an active contracting staff of over 100 Licensed Pharmacasists as well as nurses and various IT professionals.  Below is better understanding of our concentrations.


  • Pharmacists -Today, Pharmacists make up our largest client segment.  These certifed professionals offer expertise in various disciplines including: Medication Therapy Management, Pharmaceutical research, and conventional Retail operations.
  • Nurses - Our database of nurses includes all disciplines and once again have been permanently placed and staffed on a temporary contract basis.
  • Physicians - While a smaller segment of our Healthcare division, we do maintain a strong network of Physicians available for both long term and staffing opportunities.
  • Healthcare Support - Support personnel (such as Pharm Tech's and Nurse's Aids) assist licensed professionals. We do permanent placement for Support personnel, but we see more demand for them to fill shorter term contract staffing roles.
  • Senior Healthcare Administrators - For the vast majority of our company's existance we have concentrated on Senior (VP and above) contingency and retained permanent placement. For our Healthcare division this same approach dovetails perfectly with permanent Admin searches.
  • Healthcare Sales and Marketing



  • Our IT division is an offshoot of our Healthcare division, so we are speacialized around Healthcare related Information Technology and Informatics.
  • Our IT concentration is with Engineers, Developers and Systems Analysts from a contract and perm basis, as well as Senior Managers (Director to CTO) for permanent opportunities.

PPI brings a unique approach to Healthcare Placement. With our past history concentrating on C-Level searches, we understand the economic necessity of having the right candidate and how that they must make a positive contribution to your bottom line. At the same time working with Healthcare Professionals over the last seven years, we understand the inherent empathetic quality that the best Healthcare candidates possess. PPI strives to find the right combination for our client companies. Our search process defines this combination along with additional parameters to fully help find the best fit for you.

For sales and senior level needs, we highly recommend retainer searches.  With our retainer searches we will personally meet you to discuss your needs and plan a strategy to find you the best candidate available. We have found that this allows us a greater perspective in some of the special nuances for these critical executives in your organization. 

Precision Placements has the expertise and experience to help you find and secure the right professional for you.  Please contact us at (843) 886-9101 or email us at , and we can further discuss how we can help you get the right talent for your organization.



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